Friday, May 15, 2009

Ignorance As A Feature

When designing Blink, I only had a sparse set of requirements. Not knowing what type of layout may work best for different individuals and not being an artist, I designed the screens to be customizable by the user and easily exportable so that people can share what works best for them.

The Blink presentation at the MICCA conference was quite interesting. I presented a background on Blink and a friend presented an educators perspective of how this could be used in the classroom. Neither of us knew what each other was presenting until that day. Being free, the software provides the educator the ability to download, learn, and develop screens to support their lesson plans. Being sharable, they can export and students import those screens. Some of the screens demonstrated the ability to teach math and develop poetry.

I've also received some feedback that will be added in future releases. Some of these features include additional screen customizations as well as allowing the clock to double as a countdown timer.

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